Upcoming Guests

The next few weeks at the Paper Machete are shaping up to pretty fantastic, if we may say.  Here’s a look. More guests for all shows TBA, stay tuned…

4/3 Show features: Chicago performance artist and Neo-Futurist Mary Fons; Essay Fiesta producer Alyson Lyon; celebrity legal analyst Steve Jacobs; comedy critic and producer Steve Heisler on the Lakeshore Theater’s impending closure

4/10 Show features: Write Club host Ian Belknap; Neo-Futurists Megan Mercier and Lisa Buscani; journalist Joel Reese; Second City and iO comic Michael Lehrer.

4/17 Show features: Guest hosted by Ali Weiss while Piatt’s in Kansas; actor and writer Lacy Campbell (creator of “Beowulf Vs. Grendel“); Musical Guest: Sad Brad Smith

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