The 8/14 Line-Up

Sarah Haskins

It’s a big one! Our dear friend Sarah Haskins (Current TV) is in town from LA, and she’ll be stopping by to wield the Machete along with a great list of regulars (including improv guru Susan Messing and musical guests Bethany Thomas & Sad Brad Smith in a rare duet). We’re also excited to welcome a very special first-time guest, Rich Cotovsky of the Mary-Arrchie Theater Company. (UPDATE: Rich can’t be there but we’ve just added Sylia Ewing to the bill; see below.)  Don’t miss.

UPDATE: David Cerda (Hell in a Handbag, The Joans) as Joan Crawford!
UPDATE: Magician Dennis Watkins!
UPDATE: Sylia Ewing
Christopher Piatt (Emcee and performer)
Please note that, despite the lengthy list, we will still end before 5pm . . . unless one of our guests goes rogue. We’re watching you.

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