Christopher Piatt at The Chopin, World Theater Day 2010. Photo by Reema Abu-Gheida.

Created and hosted by writer Christopher Piatt, The Paper Machete is a weekly “live magazine,” an idea pageant addressing politics and culture, performed in the back room of a tavern on Chicago’s north side.

Featuring notable journalists, comics, artists and miscellaneous characters commenting on a variety of issues, The Paper Machete attempts to create a salon culture in a saloon.

The Paper Machete is produced by Christopher Piatt and Ali Weiss and made possible in part by support from Fractured Atlas.

Read more about The Paper Machete in the Chicagoist.

The Paper Machete happens every Saturday at 3pm at Ricochets at 4644 N. Lincoln Avenue. It is FREE, and shows usually run around 90 minutes with one break.

Ricochets is one block south of the Western stop on the Brown Line and can also be reached on the Lincoln, Western and Lawrence buses.  There’s metered parking along Lincoln and free parking on most of the side streets.


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