Photos from the 7/31 Show

Jason Economus at The Paper Machete (7/31/10), originally uploaded by The Paper Machete. Check em out! Advertisements

7/31 Line-up


Bye Bye, July! We’re sending it off with punk rock, slam poets, and general ass-kicking.

This Saturday’s show features:

Caitlin Parrish (writer, Time Out Chicago)
Eric Zeigenhagen (writer, musician)
Megan Mercier (The Neo-Futurists)
Jason Economus (actor, writer)
The nationals-bound Mental Graffiti slam poetry team.
Musical Guest: Chicago punk band Ramova

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Neo-Machete Pride [VIDEOS]

We now have footage of our Special Edition Pride Show at the Neo-Futurarium, so check out our YouTube Channel and below to relive our favorite June memories…

Dave Awl does David Bowie in a vegan boa:

Phil Dawkins plays nice (as he possibly can) with InTouch Weekly:

Mary Fons performs “This Play is Super Gay”:

Coya Paz talks mommies:

Sharon Greene talks marriage:

Jack Tamburri turns Craigslist ads into word jazz with Mike Przygoda:

Kristen Studard takes celebrity dish to new heights as our favorite manicurist, Marlene Biscotti:

Go here for the full playlist.

7/24 Line-Up

Tara Betts


This will be an exciting show, a blend of some favorite regulars plus celebrated artists wielding the Machete for the first time. See you at 3pm! 

Tara Betts  (World-renowned poet and author, visiting Chicago from the east coast.) 

Dennis O’Toole (Comedian, 848 regular and Sun-Times contributor) 

Edward Thomas-Herrera (Spoken word artist, playwright, BoyGirlBoyGirl

Tony Mendoza (Comedian, musician, The Nurse Novels, The Bitter Tears

Brian Costello (Author, musician, Shame That Tune

Mel Evans (a.k.a. Lincoln Square mommy Elise Winston-Offenbeck) 

Musical Guests: Jenny Lamb, Bethany Thomas and Dana Tretta appear together in a special, one-time girl group created just for this week’s Paper Machete!


Check out our new Flickr photostream

Michael Patrick Thornton at The Paper Machete (7/17/10) 1 of 3 Originally uploaded by The Paper Machete We test drove the Vignette app for Android at yesterday’s show. Check out the results on our new Flickr photstream and become our … Continue reading

A Pitchfork and a Paper Machete walk into a bar…

And the bartender says: “We’re having our weekly 90-minute spoken word show featuring a whole mess of hip Chicago literati doing hilarious shit you might never see again. The Machete can stay, but the Pitchfork? We don’t serve his kind.” 

But the Pitchfork insists: “PLEASE can I stay?! It’s air-conditioned in here, and there’s no lines for beer. And I can easily bike down Damen and make a left on Lake in plenty of time to catch Wolf Parade after watching the likes of  Michael Patrick Thornton and Phil Dawkins!!!”

The bartender exchanges a glance with the Machete, who nods with approval.  

“FINE, says the bartender. But if I catch you here tomorrow? You’re hitting the PAVEMENT.” 

The Paper Machete, ladies & gentlemen. 3pm. Ricochet’s. FREE.

The 7/17 Show: Back to 3!

3pm showtime resumes, folks! World Cup madness has passed and we can all calmly watch baseball on mute during the show.  (What?) We have some heavy hitters in the line-up as usual this week:

Michael Patrick Thornton (ABC’s Private Practice, The Gift Theater)
Phil Dawkins (playwright, with another installment of “Culture Schlock”)
Diana Slickman (The Neo-Futurists, BoyGirlBoyGirl)
Lisa Buscani (The Neo-Futurists, National Poetry Slam Champion)
Paul Brittain (iO Chicago)
Justin Hayford (Chicago Reader)
Musical Guest: Faces for Radio

See y’all at 1-2-3, Peter, Paul & Mary.

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